Windows 7 Slow Network Copying in RC1 x64


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Jun 2, 2009
Just did a clean install (from the DVD, using the clean install in the menu ... its copied my old windows to windows.old ... did not manually format) over my 7 beta 1 on a dell precision 690 of windows 7 rc1 x64. Prior to the wipe, I copied my various VMs and files to the file server. (took about 5 minutes for 25 gigs)

After the install, I tried to copy them back to the machine from the file server and I am getting rates of about 80kBps! I am also attempting to install office 2007 from the server and its crawling. I have tried updating the network driver with the vista 64 from dells site and the newer vista 64 driver from broadcoms site (its a BCM5752). Reboots and all ... no dice.

Any suggestions or are other people having this issue?

Loved beta 1 but I can't use this machine if the network speed is this slow and will be going back to vista (which I remember having this problem at one point or another that got a hotfix).
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