Small Business Upgrade from XP to Win7?

I was asked these questions on upgrading about 10 computers from XP to Win7. The computers are only a year old. I don't see a need or why a small business would want, they probably should just wait 4 yrs since they usually get new computers every 5 yrs.

Here are the questions:

1.What are the risks in waiting to update from Windows XP to Windows 7?

2.Would there be any additional risks if we waited until we started to have problems with Windows XP?

3.Do you expect a lot of your customers to just remain on Windows XP even though MS is no longer supporting XP?


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I'd say go for it as long as the current business applications are fully supported & potential apps they may need later...and they intend to train the staff on the changes to they way it works. The advantages in security and networking features alone make it the better option, downside is as always some legacy stuff may not work...but if they are only 1 year old PCs one would hope the software is suitably upto date also.

follow the vista formula. See what happens don't buy :mad:or buy with confidence:)

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I think you need to take a close look at your software and hardware and find what's compatible with Windows 7. Also look at the specs for the computers and make sure they are not at the low end of MS recommendations. Like Vista windows 7 does use more resources. My personal feeling is that MS will be forced to support XP longer because it is so embedded in business of all sizes. You may only want to upgrade some of the PC's depending on their task. I work in a factory and they still have many NT pc's out in machine shop to transfer programs to CNC machines and to log time on jobs etc The last of the Windows 95 were out there until about 2 years ago. There a couple of Windows 95 in programing for special needs like making new install disks for CNC machines made in the early 90's or reading disks created on them.


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Sample Windows 7,then make your decision

A home user may like a certain OS because it looks "prettier" than another. In such case , they would buy a new "toy". A business has to ask the question, "Will my business make more money if we switch to another OS?" Install a pilot copy of Windows 7 on one computer and have all employees who use a computer become familiar with it, then determine if the switch will return a profit after considering the installation costs, training costs, equipment upgrade costs (if applicable), and any other costs involved. Got to have a pretty good productivity increase to produce any profit before something else comes along. This pilot program would not be a gigantic undertaking in a small business with 10 computers. Perhaps you would find a single feature in Windows 7 that would make the switch worthwhile. Perhaps you would find that all the new features in Windows 7 coupled with the many XP features that have been discontinued with 7 would make such a switch a negative proposition ignoring the cost factor. Only the one who owns the purse strings can make that decision. Don't look for an excuse to replace your present OS, look to see if a new possibility will yield a profit.

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