Well i posted both here and smartlaunch forums to see if i can get any help.

Okay am upgrading my Pc's in my NetCafe and willing to use windows 7 home premuim installed. (october version)

After everything was installed correctly with Windows7 i have launched the program SmartLaunch for the very first time.

Smartlauch is simply a cafe managment program that overrides the current windows shell. Preventing user from accessing start/taskbar and desktop. It also controls which program are to be used by the system users.

The issue am having is when i first installed the program it worked perfect at fresh install.. But the program also requires to update which can be manually done from the Server Pc (Admin Server) or a simple restart to the Client Pc's (Customers) ..

Well i restarted it and the loading shell for smartlauch started to download the updates which are simply just destination folders/images.ect

After a little while of waiting the program started to refresh it self continously and even tho i could disable it on the Admin Pc it won't allow me to. Only way i got rid of it is by starting Windows in safemode..

Now windows 7 did say all program would work correctly is there something i need to do..

Btw i disable the UAC .. Some one suggested it would help and yet it didn't

How do you start it? Manually? Try right clicking on the program, properties, compatibility tab and check run as administrator. Not sure if it will help but might be worth a shot.

Smart Launch is a professional software package designed to provide a complete management solution for gaming centers and internet cafes P. Smart has launched a variety of features including computer booking, license management, financial and statistical reports integrated location and security.

Try to run in compatibility mode?

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