Windows 10 Snap to functions tutorials all flawed and incomplete


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Nov 30, 2021
After watching numerous movies and tutorials i fail to find a single one that explains "snap to" fully. They all seem to have the same two flaws.

(1) They claim that when you snap a window to the right/left side (with mouse or keyboard), you will ge a lot of smaller windows you can select the other side from. Only partly true. Sometimes you get that option and sometimes not. The mechanism that regulates this is omitted.

(2) Most of them omit that you also also can "glue" the Windows to eachother, som when you resize one, the other is automatic resized. But the mechanism to activate this is omitted or not correct described.

Anyone know the full and correct steps to solve this two problems?
the correct steps depend on which hardware and software you are talking about, for example 'snap to' is a general term for any software with auto graduates to jump so the full steps for using it in Maya or Blender are different to how it works in Windows 8 or 10 and the exact way it works on Windows 10 with 1 screen is different to how it works with 2 [or more] screens but in general mouse location when it hits the edge of a screen is what decides the effect you end up with

assume Windows 10 [current build] with 1 screen... if the mouse drags a window to the edge of the screen then it will snap
top left, top, top right = top left quarter, top full screen and top right quarter
middle left, middle right = left half the screen and right half the screen
bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right = bottom left quarter, nothing at all and bottom right quarter... it doesn't matter where in the screen middle i.e, 1 inch down is the same result as 3 or 4 inches down and in older builds of Windows you get the Metro screen having its own detect points as different to the main desktop

in general Microsft puts zero effort into testing or documents and 'snap to' was adding as something that sounded cool to some coke head in marketing... it doesn't matter and you can expect it to go away soon
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