Software fix for DVD-ROM I/O drive error?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by jackfl209, Jun 15, 2015.

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    Well, the Toshiba Satellite laptop that I have had for six or seven years could not be booted up, and so I thought the hard drive had finally failed. I considered replacing the hard drive with an even larger one but was advised, due to the age of the laptop, simply to get a newer laptop. I purchased a Sony VAIO and thought well, what the heck, let s have someone look at the Toshiba to see if it can be resurrected. The service center was able to get it up and running, and I m passing it on to my adult daughter. A number of months ago I was having repeated problems with I/O errors with the Matsushita DVD-ROM drive which I thought I had solved by replacing the DVD-ROM drive. However now that I m attempting to load some programs onto the Toshiba, I m having the same I/O error problem with the DVD-ROM drive. Since I m having the same problem with the second DVD-ROM drive, I am wondering if it s more likely a software problem than a hardware problem.

    My attention was recently caught by an advertisement for a product called Power Suite. I began looking into the product and found that there are a number of products with the same name. There is PowerSuite 2009 by Uniblue (60), PowerSuite Professional by Spotmau (50), and PC PowerSuite by Maximum Software (30-40). The Uniblue product has a driver scanner which particularly attracted me. The description of each of these products makes it seem like anyone of these products can solve almost all of your computer problems. I am very skeptical of such claims and am wondering if any one of these products can perform as advertised and is worth the price (that s the figures within parentheses) and can fix the DVD-ROM problem. Has anyone of you tried these products, or can someone give me a recommendation concerning one or more of them?
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    To be honest these kind of software suits can often introduce more issues than fix and I would advise against using them really. Windows pretty much carries all the tools it needs to maintain it although applications like Ccleaner can be useful. (I'd also recommend not using a registry cleaner either as windows simply does not need one)

    Ccleaner (free)

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