Some interesting stats in the wake of WannaCry

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Mar 21, 2017
Really wanted to share these with the WF community :) I'm proud of our team and our threat intelligence labs; in the end, we blocked over 1,000,000 WannaCry attempts. That was across 350 variants in 150 countries around the world. it's just a fraction of what we block every day though; on an average day we stop over 100,000,000 threats of all kinds. (If anyone has any questions about how Avast works, happy to help)

Avast blocked WannaCry ransomware more than 1 million times in 150 countries worldwide

And some more information on how WannaCry could have been avoided:

Patching could have minimized WannaCry impact, now worst ransomware outbreak in history

Hope everyone here is staying safe!


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Aug 28, 2014
time² stands still …
" Is there any sites or software that has a higher chance if being wannacry? "

not entirely following what you are asking, thatoneguy … are you asking "are there any websites or software to protect you from being victimized by wannacry?" … is that what you are asking?

if so … there's plenty you can do:
  • first and foremost … keep your windows updated … do not disable the update mechanism … it is there to protect you (among other policies).
  • make sure you have firewall … microsoft's default is what i use (seems adequate).
  • never click on links in texting-apps, emails, microsoft-office products, etc. from what i understand, there are 'protect modes' within office products … use 'em.
  • your browser:
    • keep it updated
    • clear it's cache 'n cookie-reserves
    • disable and uninstall add-ons and plug-ins you don't use
    • remove bs-toolbars and other gimmicks.
    • install and learn how to utilize ad-blockers … ghostery is also another effective add-on.
  • make sure you have enough sentries on your computer … many members in this (and other) forums employ multiple layers of protection … and seems this is the most resilient approach in keeping malware 'n ransomware 'n viruses from gaining a foothold into your environment. by this token, i would suggest:
    • anti-virus (windows-defender or third-party)
    • anti-malware (malwarebytes or rogue-killer)
    • anti-ransomware (ransomfree)
    • anti-spyware (spybot)
    • black-lister (spyware-blaster)
    • encryption software
    with regard to the above allies … all of them can be found free … up to you if you wish to pay for extra protection (as a general rule, i don't).
  • when you choose your fortress … download the software at the developer's websites … do not trust third-party or managed installers. check for viruses before installation … custom-install to disable third-party crap-ware … always update reference files.
  • if using computer everyday … update and scan everyday.
  • consider utilizing the microsoft 'system-restore' feature for your benefit.
  • is there any software you can remove from your environment (i.e. programs 'n apps you never use)?
  • when is the last time you backed up your personal files? are you certain malware didn't sneak into any of those personal folders?
two final thoughts i wish to share with you, thatoneguy
  • your fortress is only as stable as that operator behind the desk. owning a computer is a responsibility … the safety of your family 'n friends depends on you having a clean computer.
  • keep up-to-date on latest trends and security issues … and, periodically, re-examine your sentries and maximize their priorities.
welcome to our little world here at, thatoneguy … hope you enjoy your time here.



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Aug 28, 2014
time² stands still …
" … how WannaCry could have been avoided … "
" patch software that people trust is what stopped it... and also why it wasn't avoided by many others. "

of the hours research i had investigated the infamous wana-decryptor variant … not once did avast nor avg get mentioned (from within that definitive perspective). there were, however, countless victims stating their anti-ware programs couldn't touch this ransomware.

as ussnorway already has declared … microsoft was the only one who came out punching.
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