Some Metrics -- Flash Drive Installation of Win 7


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I've seen some discussion about flash drive installation of Win 7 but no actual metrics and cautions/advice. Here goes...

I installed 7260 X86 on an Inspiron 6000 Laptop (no speed demon) in 17 minutes flat. One word of caution, you have to temporarily remove the flash drive at each re-boot during installation or it will boot to the flash drive and start the process over each time.

Here is a link to the best discussion I have found on creating a bootable flash drive with Win 7

BTW, I used a 4 gig drive and the X86 fit fine.

Creating Bootable Vista / Windows 7 USB Flash Drive at Kevin’s Blog

Here is the thread with the instructions/tips for installing Windows 7 via USB Flash Drive.. ;)

Thanks busydog, I don't know why the link didn't stick when I posted it.. This site has been acting very odd for a couple weeks now.. ;) Thanks again.. :)

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