Some Vista users say they're getting the Ultimate shaft


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Microsoft promised that by purchasing the pricey Ultimate edition of Vista users would get all kinds of extras.

However, for many, those extras turned out to be little more than a few screensavers and a poker game prompting some significant grousing.

Now, that frustration has turned to anger after Microsoft offered its pre-order program for Windows 7.Through July 11,

Microsoft is offering a steep discountfor those moving to cheaper versions of Windows 7, but nothing for those who want to stay on Ultimate. Under the terms of Microsoft's discount pre-order program users can buy an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional at roughly half the list price, but the Ultimate version is offered at the full $219 price.



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All I have to say to those that are whining about this is......

Hey, they can charge whatever they want. If you don't like the price, don't buy it and quit bitching.
Vote with your dollars, that's how free trade and competition works.

With that said, yes, it is a slightly crappy thing MS are doing to Ultimate users.
But also keep in mind that Ultimate has all the features of all the OS's including Enterprise for the consumer.
If you don't need those features, then you don't need ultimate anyway.

Vista Ultimate was sold as the same and they did briefly promote the Ultimate Extras thing as an added bonus.
But it was an added bonus. Vista Ultimate still had everything that all the others had including enterprise, but with the added bonus of extras. Yes, I wish it would have panned out to be more of what they promoted it to be. But I didn't really expect much from it either. And for those who did, well, you were stupid.

You still got the full monty of Windows Vista, which is what you really paid for, but the bonus feature just didn't pan out.

If you are that upset about it, then stop using windows, quit crying and go use Mac and/or Linux.


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Love it or leave it.


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For those of you who think I'm the one whining about the price.... It is not me, I'm just reporting the news.:)

My post was to anyone that is complaining about it.
I did not mean to imply any single person.
I tried to take the "you"'s out of it, but missed some I guess.

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