sort taskbar to show running programs alphabetically


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Hi, I'm running Win 10pro with Classic shell 4.3.1. I do a lot of diverse research and keep 150+ windows open in Firefox. This makes it difficult to find a particular subject in the taskbar when I have to go back and forth between them (each Firefox window tab is "titled" with the subject of research). Is there a way to sort running programs alphabetically in the win 10 taskbar? This would make finding the right window a snap.


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I do not use Firefox, but like in Chrome, there are a lot of add-ons for it. Doing a simple Google search, I already found a few that might answer to your needs. Go to this site Add-ons for Firefox (en-US) and search for "tabs sort".

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Thanks for your reply, GDany. I've looked at a bunch of "tab" addons for Firefox. Most don't deal with sorting Firefox windows, but rather the tabs within each window. Some that have a search feature would be useful as a last resort, if I couldn't find a particular tab (in the 3-4000 tabs I typically have open in 150+ Firefox windows during research projects). But it would be infinitely faster if the window tabs on the win 10 taskbar were alphabetized, and would save much time during the day.

I am thinking at this point, that alphabetizing the taskbar is a windows function, and that Firefox or an addon wouldn't control this type of function? If anyone knows of a 3rd party app for win 10 that would do this, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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They're usually displayed in the order they are opened. No way to change that behavior that I'm aware of.