Sound Blaster Live! Value on Windows 7 (Sticky issue)

First of all I know there is a lot of info on the web, and I have already spent a few days working to solve this issue. These are the things I have already tried:

1. Installed the original Creative drivers and applications (for windows XP)
It recognized my card, but I was unable to set Quadraphonic speakers, and lost 2 of my speakers, sound was also a bit cracky. Could not open the Mixer or any application.

2. Tried KX drivers:
Was able to hear perfectly, but could not set quadraphonic speakers, do not know why. To be totally honest I cannot figure out how the setup really works, since now I have various in/out that do not know what they are. Never the less, it seems like a good solution to start off with.

Does anyone have any solution to this problem? My main issue is being able to use 4.1 speakers to have surround system on Windows 7. Everything else works smoothly.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!


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Hello and welcome to the windows7forms

Ni XP driver will work.

If it's an older card I have heard some people had success using the X-Fi Extreme drivers directly from Creative.

Could you give us the exact make and model of the card?

Hello, and thanks for your speedy reply.
Ni XP Drivers? What is Ni, pardon my ignorance.

I tried to install XP drivers, and they worked but the problem was setting up quadraphonic speakers, it did not allow me to choose this option (only stereo, 2 speakers).

My card is a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value.
It is a fairly old sound board.
I will try to manually install the Creative Original Drivers, but how can I configure 4 speakers if I cannot run the AudioHQ Mixer.

How can I find the exact model of my card?
Thanks again.


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Sorry, should have read No XP drivers will work.

It is a very old card.

Could you give me the exact model#

Sorry, don´t know exact model number, but i was able to install the board using creative LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG), and doing a manual install of the sound board. The issue is that i am not able to use surround system, since when i want to configure the speakers, this option is not available.

Any hints or info?
Any help on finding the EXACT model of the SoundBlaster Live! Value soundboard?
I really thought there was only one of them, it has 2 speaker outlets, a microphone and line-in jack.


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Try going to Start > Run, and m type msinfo32.

Expand the Components section and look under the Sound Device entry.

Ok, I´ve done that, but got this, where actually no real model is shown:
Name Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor (WDM)
Manufacturer Creative Technology, Ltd.

Any information useful?
Thanks again for the patience!

Heres solution that worked fine for me.
SB Live! series Support Pack 1.5 (08/09/2009) - Creative Labs

Only negative thing is that memory limit, but only if you have over 2 Gb. Four speakers works fine too you just need to setup it in speakers preferences: Enhancements tab -> Enable Speaker Fill.

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