Sound didn't coming in my Dell inspiron 1564 laptop?

I am using dell inspiron 1564 laptop with below mentioned configuration.

Processor : Intel i5
Ram : 6 GB
HDD : 500GB
Video memory : 512MB

From last few days I can't get the sound from my laptop when I am running audio,video files and windows default sounds also.....

Please help me


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......From last few days

Suggestions :
1. Since it is just recently, do a system restore. Pick a date when you did NOT have this problem as your restore point.

2. If system restore does not work, go to Dell manufacturer site, key in your model name/number and look for SigmaTel audio driver. Install it.

3. See if this Microsoft tutorial will help.
No sound in Windows...........

Actually I can hear the sound through head sets (connected with audio jack) in the laptop. But through laptop speakers i cant get it

Have you recently dropped the laptop or bumped pretty good? This might jarred something loose on the inside of the laptop pertaining to the speaker cable connection. If that's the case and you feel confident in your skills to disassemble the laptop and check the internal connections, other wise you will need to take it to and authorized repair center for service.

Check proper driver is installed. / or download .The "driver solution pack software" to check driver updated it's free to get.
Try repair small props by your self.

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