Windows 7 spooler system app


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ok i every time i turn my computer on i get this spooler system app has failed and i have to send the information but it never sends right and its getting old seeing it all the time lol.
I hope I'm one the right track here...

Do you have a printer attached to your computer and are you able to print?

Go to Start > Run and type services.msc. Look for the Print Spooler entry and see what level it's set to run at The default is Automatic.

You can also turn off the annoying messages by going to Control panel > Action Center, click on Maintenance, then click on Troubleshooting System maintenance and turn off messages about Windows Maintenance tasks. Check the Off radio button. Then click on OK.
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well i look at the print spooler then remeber my printer is not even hooked up lol and when i was writing this the error came up again dam thing lol it said spooler subsystem app is not working and i tryied pluging my printer in and i cant print anything just says that it stoped working again.
Sorry, but need additional info.....

What type of printer are you using...USB?

When you plugged it in, did you get a message box to install drivers?

Is the Spooler Subsystem set to Automatic?

What error message do you receive when you try to print?

One last thing, have you run a virus scan?
yes usb printer and this error comes up with out it even attached to the computerlol yes i plug it in and get a driver download but it fails =[
yes my spooler set to auto and when i go to print theres just no printer it can find and yes i run virus scans and well i just reformated the whole computer and error still comes up lol.
Yes, it's never going to show up if the driver installation failed.

Do you gave a CD with drivers on it for the printer?

I'd also go to the manufacturer's site and look for updated drivers?

Other than that, it might just be not supported in Windows7, depending how old the printer is.
ya i got a cd with it toke some time to find it lol but it old so it wont download i mean old but it worked great on vista so y replace a working printer lol but ill try ther site but i might be buying a printer tomorral lol.
it wont download

What do you mean by this?

When you put in the CD, if it doesn't auto run, use windows explorer to navigate to the CD-ROM drive and look for a file named setup.exe or install.exe. Then double-clck on that to begin the installation
I found the problem on my machine: the Adobe crap (as it is often the case)...

I had the spooler crash on it own regularly, so I went in the registry to:


and removed the adobe entries from Printers and from Monitors

No spooler crash anymore.