SSD Free Space Issue


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Cheers, My Friend,
I Have been reading the Windows Forums here intently, for a while now and find that I
learn something new every day!, And Do look for your posts in particular as they are very interesting
threads. I hope no negativity was implied on my part, and I do research all possibilities.
& As to why the variance in free space? I'd like to know also. Every case has its parameters, so....

but what little I have learned from others I love passing forward!
Rock on!
Pi aka.


Hi my friend @pi314 Well I was down in the dumps tonight. Playing a little on line Texas Hold-um. I got your reply in a email. I had to respond to your reply!
You just made a old country boys day to night my friend. In fact you made my whole week. I didn't see any negativity in your reply. Only helpful suggestions.
I'm learning a bunch here also. It's a great forum
Rock on my friend!! I hope to see a lot of you in the future here on the forum!
I love people and they seem to love me back!


you are quite correct
i would never go back i like to go foreward lol :rofl:

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