Start menu "SLEEP" function


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I can't change the SHUTDOWN to SLEEP on the start menu.
When I do nothing happens - IE it doesn't change.

The last time it was SLEEP it spontaneously changed to SHUTDOWN.

what is going on????????????????


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Have you tried changing it in the power options?
Control Pane (Icon view)
Power options - (over on the left) "Choose what the power buttons do"


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yep, but that isn't for the start menu button, just the physical button.
It seems to have a mind of its own. I rebooted and it came back with SLEEP as the button function. It has done that before, then changed back to SHUTDOWN at some point.
The function defined in the start menu config window is still SLEEP, but it shows SHUTDOWN when it changes. Tried changing, then changing back - no go.


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Sorry. Didn't read properly. Try this way:

Open the Local Group Policy Editor.(Type Gpedit.msc - This is not available in the "Home" releases, I'm afraid)
In the left pane, double click on User Configuration, Administrative Templates, and click on Start Menu and Taskbar.

(At this stage, I am hoping, for you, nothing is greyed out!)

Now, in the right pane of Start Menu and Taskbar, double click on "Change Start Menu power button".
Select Enable and choose one of the options in the lower pane.
See if that works long term.


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OK, it's telling me it is NOT CONFIGURED.
That is where this should be, otherwise, to change it I have to go all these pages again.

I guess it is a matter of what aggravates me more.

The start menu is set on SLEEP now so I will see if it goes thru this change again.


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And when it said "Not configured" you enabled it as I suggested?
No matter if it continues working, it seems to have sorted itself!

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