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Windows 8 Startup item in Task Manager keeps disabling


New Member
Feb 10, 2022
I have a recurring problem with "Function key main module" disabling itself after i enable it in Task Manager Startup.
When this happens the only way to use function keys F1 - F12 is to press the Fn key at the same time.
So i go to startup in task manager and enable "Function key main module" and restart my laptop and then it works until the next time i restart my laptop the function key module has disabled itself.
Any ideas to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance
It might be possible to permanently disable Function Lock in the UEFI Firmware Settings. Shift + Click the Restart button, Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, UEFI Firmware Settings. Use the arrow keys to switch tabs until you find Function Lock, highlight Function Lock, press Enter, switch to Disabled, and press Enter again. Exit Saving Changes from the Exit tab.

If that is not possible, use Task Scheduler to create a task instead of using startup items. Open Task Scheduler as administrator and click Create Task. Change the task to run under the account Administrator, whether the user is logged on or not. If necessary, check the box for run with highest privileges. Create a new trigger for At Startup. Create a new action and input the path to the "Function key main module" file. Uncheck the box for only AC power, under the Conditions tab. Click OK and click Run in the sidebar to test it.
Theres nothing in UEFI Firmware setting that can find Function lock.
The only other thing i was able to do was go into System settings then choose keyboard and then choose Special Function Mode which was already selected so that didnt solve my problem.
What i have noticed is that in startup in task manager it is "Toshiba Function Key Main Module (2)" which can be expanded to reveal 2 lines under it,
one is TCrdKBB.exe the next line is Toshiba Function Key Main Module
Not sure if these are working against each other and dont know how to remove one if it is needed.
What i was able to do was right click on it,properties,run compatability,then test and it works but only until i restart then its back to disabled.
Havent tried the task scheduler task yet.
At a dead end so far