Windows 7 Startup Recovery Corrupt Registry

Tony Pitman

New Member
Jan 15, 2013
I have a computer with a corrupt registry to the point where it will not boot. I do not have a good system recovery and the backup registry files in RegBack don't help when I copy them over to system32.

I can't use any of the registry repair tools that I have found because they all require booting into windows to run them and I can't boot windows.

I am able to copy the files in RegBack to a flash drive, so I did that.

My question is whether there is a tool that I can run on ANOTHER Windows 7 computer that will scan the registry files on the flash drive instead of the files of the computer I am running windows successfully on?

My suggestion, if the system is that messed up I would just reinstall and be done with the messing around.

The way you normally restore the registry from the last good boot is by using the "Last Known Good" option from the Recovery Environment.

Have you tried running Chkdsk from the Recovery Environment?

I assume you copied the System Hive to the Windows\System32\Config folder.

You don't have any restore points, or a System Image Backup?

But if your system is experiencing continued corruption, you may need to take drastic steps to stop it. As bassfisher6522 mentions, sometimes it is best to just start over. Whether you do a complete reinstall, or if you have the SP1 Install DVD, perhaps a repair install.