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    I am rather interested in this ploy by Virgin . The fury of other ISP'S is not really surprising :)

    You should be getting what you pay for. Whether it’s a full pint in the pub, forty miles to the gallon or your broadband speeds. But millions of internet users are being short changed every day because their broadband speed is nowhere near as fast as they are expecting or pay for. You could be one of those people.
    It’s time for ISPs to come clean about broadband speeds. At Virgin Media, we’re committed to publishing the typical real world speeds we deliver to our customers each month. You can see them here
    You deserve the truth from all ISPs and we’re urging the Advertising Standards Authority to put a stop to misleading broadband advertising once and for all. But we need your help! Use this speed test to check your own broadband speed and make your voice heard by signing our petition.
    Help us end the broadband con. Sign the petition and share this page!
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    I think VIRGIN should shut the heck up as they are the biggest hypocrites going, even now during this new promotion, and "promotion" is a polite word for the bullcrap they are spouting. Just go on the Virgin site and right there in the T&C they still have the old dogged "UP TO" clause, so come on VIRGIN GET HONEST YOURSELF FFS, they ain't got a pay by speed or any guarentees of speed, let alone discounts if you dont get to that quoted speed.

    Ok I agree ALL ISPs should come clean, it doesn't look good one of the worst offenders trying to make it into a gimmick to flog the same policies they are claiming they want other ISPs to dump.... POT & KETTLE time guys, especially after the lies they personally told me about my max speed for my area which is 50% slower than my current ISP "BE" is pumping out to me. Oh that's right... VIRGIN suddenly get memory loss about all the none-cable customers they have screwed over for "UP TO" speed vs price... how convenient, and as for the lack of data capping you are barking on about... guess what dudes, BE has done that years, and more recently so do O2 and SKY.... so don't get to far up ya own *** about it.

    So here's an idea to our forum folk.... let's have a vote about our ISPs in general in regards to those issues, and see which ISP get put to the top of the name and shame list.
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