Strange deletion of printer ports in printer properties

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by pstein, Jan 7, 2016.

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    After having setup successfully Win 7 Pro some years ago printing worked fine for several pdf printers
    and connected USB laser printers.

    Then, recently, I must have changed something accidentially in System.

    When I now want to print (e.g. a Word doc or web page from Firefox) it doesn't work anymore.

    EVERY printer does not work!

    Further investigations revealed that the printer ports are vanished in printer Proprties dialogs.
    Its completely empty!

    Have a look at the attached snapshot.

    I don't know which event or action caused the printer port deletion.
    Maybe a new Win Patch or an uninstallation of driver or a registry key adding.

    However re-installation of printer drivers does not help since the required underlying ports are gone.

    How can I re-install them again?

    Is there a manual Registry add script?


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    Are you able to click "Add Port" and simply re-create the virtual USB printer port? There are a ton of settings that would need to be added if you did it manually.

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