Strange problem with a keyboard.


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About 3 weeks ago I started having strange behavior on my computer. Web pages suddenly scrolling to the bottom of pages, cursors moving all the way to the right of a box, the play/pause icons in VLC flashing on and off and video not playing correctly. This only happened intermittently. The keyboard is a Microsoft Ergonomic Natural 4000 on a Win 7 pro 64 system. I changed the mouse and still had problems. I then changed to a different keyboard and had zero problems for a week. So I ordered a new keyboard exactly the same as the one I thought was bad, and as soon as I plugged it in the problems started again. The same exact problems so I tried different USB ports which had no effect. I just changed back to the different keyboard and no problems again.

Does anyone have any clue as to what may be causing this problem? I hope its not a motherboard.


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By the way, I had my computer checked by a pro for viruses and malware and was found clean.


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That is not a generic keyboard. You need to install the specific driver for it. Follow davidhk's link.


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The solution is one that is so simple it makes me feel stupid. That keyboard has a plastic piece that clips on the bottom front of the keyboard to raise the front (under the space bar) to make your hands fit naturally. Well it raised it so high that the space bar was hitting the bottom of the desk and being depressed just like if the space bar was stuck. Remove the plastic piece and problem is gone. So simple...

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