strange taskbar icons

the icons in my taskbar are acting strange :

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that white page is the scite editor from auto it , it had an icon a week ago i think , also other programs have this but the shortcuts on my desktop are still the same
the programs are still working but the icons dont show up.

yea , i have an anti virus: microsoft security ensensials.

thanks in advance


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If the bottom icon in you screen shot is MSE the reason for default is the current MSE does not have an Icon. Do you know how to change and Icon for a short cut?

that isnt mse , thats scite editor from autoit , it had an icon before but its gone now.
and my mse does have an icon , that blue castle

Yes MSE once had the blue icon but version 2.0 did not if you can look in the exe file it is not there. Make a short cut of MSE.exe and drag it to desktop no blue castle is supplied the castle icon is located in the E however located in the EPPManifest.dll and using the properties under in the exe file you can change the icon you can do this for most exe files. Not many people are aware that and EXE file contains an Icon/Icons or that many DLL files contain Icon/Icons.
I use a program called MicroAngelo to access these Ions and save them as Individual Icons or the create a Library of Icons for my use.

thats great ... but my mse 2.0 still has its blue castle and that white page @ the bottom of my printscreen is NOT mse!
mse works fine. it just sais that there are mot viruses on my computer...
that white page is AN OTHER program than mse...


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Create a shortcut on you desktop for the program with the missing Icon.
Right click/New/Shortcut etc.

If the new shortcut doesn't have an Icon, right click on the icon and select properties, and then select the Customize tab.

Click on Change Icon and select the Icon you want.
You can navigate to the program file and find the original icon or just pick one.

Once you have the Icon on the desktop right click on it and select Pin to Taskbar.

Remove the old blank icon.

I have this happen every once in a while, I have no idea why the shortcut loses it's connection to the Icon but it happens.


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Just a thought, if you have a program that removes the shortcut arrow this will at times also remove the assigned Icon for some reason on some programs not all, and you have to assign a different Icon.

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