Strange Windows Experience Index issue

Hey all,

I've searched the forums but couldn't find anything...

Today I was on my system panel when I noticed it saying I had new hardware and the index needed to be refreshed. I clicked refresh, and waited. The dialogue box got all the way to "completed" but hung on that. The computer totally locked up - the mouse wouldn't move, keyboard commands did nothing, not even ctrl alt delete. I manually restarted and the computer works fine.

EXCEPT when I check out the rating it says this computer has yet to be rated, and when I click rate, nothing happens. I click the button, wait around for a bit, and nothing.

I'm on an HP pavilion dv3, w7 rtm, 4 gb RAM, 2.1 ghz core 2 duo.

Ack, well I guess I fixed it. Still not sure why it happend, but I did a system restore, then re-ran the index. It's all good now.


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Thanks for updating your post socross..

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