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Windows 10 Stream PC Desktop to Chromecast /Miracast on unsupported devices - Guide

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I worked on a solution to cast unsupported PC to unsupported Miracast device for over a year and placed the solution in an official WIKI page in July of 2021. However only duckduckgo indexed the solution so far. So I am adding the link here so that more people can find it and use it.

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Alternative way for wireless display on any TV.

The other way is to use HDMI to RF converter.

HDM68 is a device that converts HDMI to RF. I have the HDM69 which converts HDMI or RCA connection signal to RF signal.

The requirements are:

HDM68 or 69 device or a similar device that works on the same principle.
One HDMI cable.
Two indoor TV antennas. (Check the TV antenna connection because not all are the same. An adapter connector can be used as I did for one of the two Antennas.)
All TVs still have RF connection. But make sure that the port is on the TV before making any purchases.

The Setup:

Connect one Antenna to the signal converter and one Antenna to the TV.
Connect the HDMI cable from the PC to the HDM68(9).
Extend or duplicate PC screen depending on the requirement.
Switch on the converter device (select HDMI port if available) and then go to the setting in the TV menu. Use auto Search to search for channels. Stop it after it finds your display.

Audio and Video will now work on the TV.

The advantages of this solution are:
Infinite number of TVs can be connected that are with in range. Works through walls (up to a certain limit). Works with any HDMI device. The RF signal can be picked up by any RF receiver including radio that works on the same bands. So Audio can be picked up from a HI-FI system if it meets the requirements.

The disadvantages are:
The resolution drops and is not too good for text but it is good enough for video.
No encryption, so anyone with an Antenna can pick up the signal that is with in range.