Streaming live TV stalls often on any browser


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Hi folks, I have been experiencing stalls quite often on Fox channel 57. Discussed with Spectrum support and they said to try another browser. Okay I was on Edge and now even with the latest updated version I still have stalling. I did try Chrome and that still stalls. Spectrum doesn't think that it has anything to do with their system. Is there a software that can monitor what is happening in the background? I am sure it is a problem with Spectrum or Fox network. Does anyone else have this issue?

After the stall I can refresh the page and reconnect okay, I can also change the channels to get back to the station.
Amazon and Netflix stream perfectly! HBO, Showtime also work perfectly!

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Video is just a stream of data over UDP, so wireshark should be able to see the traffic. UDP is best effort so there's no guarantee of the data like TCP


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I watch live tv on firestick and I didn't notice any issues. It is more convenient for me as I installed great apps that allow to watch TV channels from around the world for free. Also I have access to a big library of movies and TV shows. Does anyone else use firestick , roku, etc.?