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hello all, i hope i am posting this in the right place, i just sent off for my student version of windows 7, i am waiting for my confirmation email, i think i read somewhere on this forum( which i cant seem to find again ) that if you called up the microsoft store, they will send you a bootable windows 7 pro disk for an extra $5, i an wondering if there is a link to that info
thanks in advance


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Hello and welcome to the windows7forums.

Yes, the student version is quite different from the ISO version.

They make you work a little harder

The student version isn't an ISO. It's just the files and if you simply write them to a disk they won't boot. There are couple fixes to make either a bootable USB with unetbootin... or make a bootable ISO with some other process that I couldn't get to to work. It's way easier just to go to my blogs and use the links to download the full ISO from Microsoft.

Credit to tblount for that explanation

so what you are sayin is i should download window 7 bootable from the links you posted and not from the MS store ?


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Well, you can use unetbootin

Try this page:
Windows 7 Forums - tblount

It would probably just be easier to download the ISO.

ok i checked out the link, the KEY i get from MS will be valid with the windows 7 Pro ISO download ?


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Great news!!!

i ment to say "WILL" it be valid ?


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I don't know the answer to that one.

I'm assuming yes.

Try the e-mail link here at the Microsoft Store:

Microsoft Store: Contact Us

thanks for the Email link, awaiting reply from MS. while i am waiting can someome linkl me the advantages and
dis-advantages off 32 bit and 64 bit on windows 7

ok i checked out the link, the KEY i get from MS will be valid with the windows 7 Pro ISO download ?
Short answer is NO or Maybe... but you can make it work

You probably got an upgrade key. to get the upgrade key to work on a full install (which boots) you have to use one of two tricks. Eitehr delete ei.cfg from the full version ISO ... or do the registry tweak that has been discussed over and over here. If you are only going to do an upgrade from the full ISO the key will work. A clean istall is way way way better.

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