Windows 7 subtitles joining issue


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Jan 16, 2009
hello guys
i'm having an issue joing subtitles with my movies ( using windows media player and windows media center ).
tried everything but no solutions
used to work fine with windows Vista but just doesn't work
ahh..the 2 files ( movie and subtitle ) are having the same name...just incase that this is part of the solution so i've already done it.
Hmm...doesn't work for me either. But I like to use Vlc Player instead anyway so that is not a problem for me. Do you need to use windows media player or media center? If not, try Vlc Player, it should work for you also.
i did make it work but only for windows media player...try it if you want to
take ownership of the file C:\Windows\System32\mfpmp.exe
and rename it
that's it
but it didn't work for windows media center...i don't know why
hope it works for you too
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