symbolic link to a folder not working


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I attempted to create a soft symbolic link to a folder, but the link is not working.
In Explorer, the "keybrd_lib" link does not look like a folder (screen shot below).
When the link is double clicked, an "Open with" dialog opens.

Here is how I made the symlink from the command line, run as administrator:

C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\Users\wolf\Documents\dev_proj\keyboards\keybrds

C:\Users\wolf\Documents\dev_proj\keyboards\keybrds>mklink keybrd_lib ..\..\..\Ar
symbolic link created for keybrd_lib <<===>> ..\..\..\Arduino\libraries\keybrd\

docs keybrd_lib keybrd_lib_old random_test_generator
firmware keybrd_lib1 keys_tester

C:\Users\wolf\Documents\dev_proj\keyboards\keybrds>cd keybrd_lib
The directory name is invalid.

I am using Windows 7.
Why is the link not working?

Thank you

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delete your keybrd_lib file (witch really name is keybrd_lib.lnk)
In the command prompt : C...>mklink /J keybrd_lib "..\..\..\Arduino\libraries\keybrd\"
It's a junction link for the case of your path \Ardino\ is not in the same hard drive. Good luke

can you give me know how to know the ip adrress from web?


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if you compose ping
It may answer the ip, it's no the best way but it's work

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