1. MatsL

    Star rating on files (pdf)

    BACKGROUND. I have a lot of academic articles in pdf format on my PC. I would like to rate them from one star to five star to better remember them. QUESTION. Explorer has a star rating that I can use on a sound file, but the option is not available om pdf files. Any work-around solution...
  2. David4321

    Windows 10 Thumbnails only partially display on internal data drive (G drive)

    * Thumbnails only partially display on internal data drive (G drive). This does not affect thumbnails on OS drive (C drive), where OS was recently reinstalled. Thumbnails display properly on C drive. * Both C and G drive are mounted internally in Windows 10 desktop. Problem is only on G drive...
  3. W

    Windows 10 Removing things that appear after right-clicking a file

    This appears when we right-click on a file. However, this right-click often takes too much time. I googled and found out Fix for Very Slow or Hang When Right Click On a File or Folder • Raymond.CC. It says I need to use ShellExView, which would allow me to delete some things that appear here...
  4. W

    Windows XP File context menu broken? | It shows “0??????(O)” instead of “SYSTEM (C:\)”

    Why does this context menu display “0??????(O)”? And how do I repair it? Edit: Clicking on it does open C:\ normally.
  5. N

    Windows 7 win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" - ticked but not working

    Sorry, I could see no way to search this forum. So I post. win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" is ticked, can show image proof if wanted. Yet explore windows suddenly will not restore at startup. Used to. Tried un-ticking it, restart, tick, restart - no joy. Search, googling...
  6. T

    Windows 7 How change windows 7 explorer settings according my needs ?

    Hello ! I'm Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit user. For long time I'm facing frustration against modifications of default file explorer to show all folders and files as following.: No categories like Music, Video, General .... I want remove all and keep just one category for every kind of file. It can...
  7. F

    Windows 10 Windows explorer is crashing over and over

    Whenever I try to open windows explorer, after about 5 seconds the window freezes up and so does the taskbar, until I restart windows explorer in task manager. This happens every time I open it and now I can't use windows explorer. Also, I think this happened on a day when I took apart my...
  8. Zodiac A17

    Windows 10 After Sleep or Lock Windows Explorer does not work.

    I generally access my PC multiple times throughout the day, so I like to Lock it or put it in Sleep mode. On occasion, the Windows Explorer (if its still called that) does not function after I awaken or unlock my PC. Neither clicking on the button nor pressing the Windows key does anything. I...