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Apr 9, 2016
The latest feature update has just been installed and it has messed up my desktop; I have got things back to normal except for the Explorer icon on the taskbar. Previously I had set it - many years ago - to open with Documents/Documents, but now it opens with the Quick Access screen instead, and takes several clicks to get to the desired destination. I cannot find a way how to make it open at the folder I want - how can I do it please?
Unfortunately File Explorer has no method of specifying a directory to open to. It has a registry value that allows you to toggle between 'Quick Access' and 'This PC'

Some other opens may include
  1. Right clicking the pinned explorer and selecting 'Documents'
  2. Creating a shortcut to Documents on the desktop and using that
Thank you for your reply. The first method works but the second method would be quicker, however, I cannot fond a way of creating a shortcut - it does not seem available no matter what I right click
Right click on the documents folder, select 'send to' > desktop (create shortcut)
The latest update has messed up my computer in many ways so I reverted to the pre latest feature update. It took five and a half hours but now works again. I cannot display a "send to" but I can click on Doccuments (there is a Documents as well) and this opens in the desired Documents/Documents folder, the only problem is that the folders are displayed in reverse alphabetical order and I cannot find a way to swap this back to the usual alphabetical order. The latest feature update is poised to install once more, and presumably cause chaos again; I have paused updates for the maximum 35 days but there seems no way to prevent the update eventually happening. My desktop machine is eleven years old, albeit now with an SSD, extra RAM and faster processor - perhaps its age is why the update corrupts.
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