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Windows 7 Sysprep causes BSOD. SSD fault?


New Member
Jul 8, 2013

My company has about 10 new HP 2570p laptops. These have 128GB SSD.

I have set up two of these laptops in audit mode with all drivers, updates and software configured. I then went to sysprep, selected OOBE - generalise and shutdown.

The first laptop gave me a BSOD preventing Windows from loading in any form.
Took another new laptop and configured everything. Went to sysprep as above, it took some time to sysprep but the laptop finally shut down. Created an image of this SSD in Ghost hoping it was working, but when deploying the image causes other SSD's to BSOD or windows does not load.

I have sysprep'ed our workstations with standard 250GB HDD and they work without problems.

What am I doing wrong? Is this due to SSD's? Any help/advice would be appreciated.
I am not someone that has experience with your situation, but a question.. Have you tried with larger SSDs, or do you know for sure the install will fit on a smaller drive?

Are you using different SSD manufacturers, or just one particular drive? Are there any firmware updates for the SSDs?

I will assume the original install went without problems. It was only after you ran the sysprep that things went wrong?

I am just reading about Sysprep, but there may be log files created, have you checked those?

If all the computers are the same, why generalize, or are you keeping the same drivers in the image? Have you tried the specialized option for testing?

The one system that had the BSOD might help find the problem with the others.