Windows 7 System Icons


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The system icons(that came with windows 7) on my task bar are completely white which makes it difficult to see the status of my wireless since it don't have the different colored bars to show the status. When i add new programs like Kasperky, wireless printer, etc. they show up in color. Does anyone know the solution to this? Thanks for your help.


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same problem... earlier thread

have investigated somewhat and its not that the colour icons arent there, its just that 7 isnt using them...
I think its when the drivers reinstalled at upgrade the drivers direct to a new set ( white)... there are ways of changing them back via "icon changer" from shelllabs , but that costs money and whilst its irritating its not worth my while to pay to fix it....

someone more technical than me may know how to swap the icons used wholesale, but as of yet I havent got it figured.
will update if I work it out....


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interesting situation we have here gentleman. It sounds as though the opacity level of the system icons has either been turned way down or as he said the system icons may be corrupt. It isnt a huge deal at the moment but i suggest reporting it to microsoft technical support and seeing the kind of smart ass answer they give you.


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working on the premise that the white icons are now the defaults set in the shell icon cache...
and slowly figuring out how to change them..
will update when i get there...