Windows 7 system lockup when entering fullscreen


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Hi there,

I have just installed Windows 7 beta (7000) on my laptop (It's a bit of an oldie, dell inspiron 1300, 1.6 celeron m, 1 gig ram, Intel 915GL shared Graphics) and I have a little problem,

every time I watch a youtube video then load it up fullscreen the hard drive activity light goes nuts and the whole system locks up (can't even make the caps lock light come on)

This happens in IE8 and Firefox 3.

I'm running the latest version of flash so I'm not quite sure what it could be.

Any thoughts?

Same problem here, with both FF3 and IE8 with latest Flash. I'm running on a 1.7 GHz Pentium M with 2 GB RAM. Looks like the problem's software related. Computer just freezes upon clicking that fullscreen button...

Ah well I have just found out the cause of the problem by doing some Googling, it appears its all to do with hardware acceleration, when you load up a video right click and go to settings and disable hardware acceleration and it should work fine from there on.

But its a bit odd, it never did it in xp or vista so im not sure why it is now, Well it is a beta so who knows what the future will hold, i sent MS feedback and lets see what they do.
I was curious so I tried it out, I also completely locked up. Did as you said, right click uncheck hardware acceleration and it worked.

Thanks :)
Hmm, that's interesting... As you said, it wasn't a problem with previous versions of Windows. I'm using the same video adapter as you, Will. Suprra_girl, which adapter are you using? I've never had a video problem completely render my system useless and warrant a hard reboot.
it's the intel 915, 910gm gml
You know, the one that doesn't do windows aero :( sob sob


I have the same chipset, so no aero for me neither. :frown:

I was watching a site similar to youtube last night and it froze on me when i went to full screen. I'll have to try that fix. But... I now have a new problem: Whenever i let the computer idle for several minutes, maybe 10 or more, it freezes up. Can't move the mouse, keyboard doesn't respond, also no hard drive activity. I'm running on a pentium 4, 2.93Ghz w/ 1 GB of ram.
Can't really help with that one sorry.

I think it's the video card thats creating the problem,
I also cannot watch videos in media center

Its all video related. So don't do anything that requires uber video stuff! lol
it most likely is the video card... I was thinking it might have something to do with the background picture setting.... the one where it switches background pictures at a set interval.