System Restore Issue

When I try to use System Restore with no programs running and after the computer restarts and Windows loads I get the following message:
System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed.

System Restore could not access a file. This is probably because an anti-virus program running on your computer. Temporarily disable your antivirus program and retry System Restore.

An unexpected error occurred during System Restore (0x80070005)

You can try System Restore again and choose a different restore point. If you continue to see this error, you can try an advanced recovery method.

I need help with this!

i had that problem before i hit f8 on start up and did restore from there and it restored corectly

Okay thanks, but I wonder why it doesn't restore correctly when done from within Windows.


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The error code actually means 'access denied' so it could be some files or folders are not moveable unless in safe-mode. That's why Hobbit was successful as he did his recovery by pressing F8 and entering the advanced boot menu.

Okay. but it is stupid System Restore should just skip the files and pressing F8 and entering the advanced boot menu is a pain in the ***.


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What anti-virus program are you running? I use Norton security suite and have to uncheck tamper protection in my settings before restoring. After turning off tamper protection I have no problem restoring.


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I've run into this many times, your best bet is another restore point if you have one.

This message usually means that something has changed since the restore point was made that Windows can't deal with. Driver changes or something that throws up a red flag.

I've never had any luck getting it to work once this message comes up except for one time, I did it by running System Restore from safe mode but that only worked once.

It would be nice if the message was a real representation of what the problem is and gave you some way to resolve it, if it can't load drivers for your video card or something I'd rather that it did the restore and let me fix the problem later.

After all if you are doing a system restore it's because you have a problem.

It's kind of like Windows 7s quirk of telling you that a program is not responding when it's really only processing something that takes a while.

I'd rather that it just told me to wait because it's busy.


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