System Sounds not loud enough


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My System Sounds are not loud enough and certainly noy as loud as in any previous Microsoft OS. Can this be "fixed?"

Have you tried to make them louder in the sound mixer:



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You can pump out "extra" volume by enabling loudness equalization, the result however will be no difference in sound levels, they'll all just be higher/louder.
To get there, open "Playback Devices" by right clicking your volume icon, From here select your default audio output device and select properties.
Navigate to the enhancements tab and select "Loudness Equalization" Click OK to apply. Post back :)

I tried enabling the loudness equalization, it made it worse! Music plays just fine but watching a movie is a joke and some media files online. I am a avid win xp user and this is the first time I have used windows 7. What seems to be missing in windows 7 mixer is the wave slider that would have fix that problem. Not to mention im using a new Toshiba laptop and the speakers are not that great to begin with but I would like to know if there is anything else I can do other than getting external speakers to get a little more out of it. Seems like it should be doing better than it is currently. I have already looked for an update for the sound card but there isn’t one.


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I solved the problem by installing DFX and attaching it to Windows Media Player. Thanks.


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It's also worth checking the playback device properties as typically windows 7 forces the Tone & bass to about 25% lower than the optimum 50-50 mark, in addition to the previously mentioned mixer defaulting to about 60%

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