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Windows 7 T30 Thinkpad laptop - no wireless


New Member
May 7, 2009
I have a old T30 Type 2367-84U laptop with .5gig mem .

Windows 7 is up and running but the system does not recognize the wireless network built in card.
From the Lenovo site, it sounds like its a Cisco Wireless LAN Mini PCI card but I dont know for sure.

The Intel Lan port is working fine (using it currently on the laptop, laptop tied to cable, not good)

All was well under XP but now the system cant find/load a driver for this, I downloaded the recommended driver from Lenovo site but Windows 7 could not install the driver.

This is the RC Windows 7 (u know the version).

By the way, so far I like it, seems to run as well as XP, except for the wireless not working, I have high hopes that this can be resolved (and no, not gana buy a external card).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

T30 Wireless issue SOLVED

OK, from the Lenovo web site I downloaded the wire1i32.exe driver and all is well :)

Link Removed

The bars in my tray don't show green like they did in XP but it did find wireless signales and I was able to select my router and connect to it :razz:

In fact my speaker, wireless bars, "full charge" and "PC issues"icon are just black and white, is that the norm in Windows 7?