Tapatalk/WindowsForum.com Mobile App Currently... DOWN!


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As we are currently running a beta version of the forum software, there are some new features. However, the new version has caused problems with the Tapatalk API, and thusly, both connections from Tapatalk and the WindowsForum.com mobile application are currently bugged. We do not have a timeline for this to be fixed, but it will be, however, I would like to apologize for those who use this app often. You should, for now, use the mobile web version of the site. I will post an update here once functionality has been restored.
You need to run test builds before jumping over to new beta software
It is up to Tapatalk to future proof their API. During the last major upgrade to XF, there was no compatibility to be found even then for quite a long time. We can not stop progress just so that Tapatalk can monetize on ideas and entire websites that aren't even theres with minimal investment in support. This software in its current state is not particularly buggy. Poor programming on the part of add-on developers is the issue here. The site is better accessed when it is updated and updated often. If it can not be accessed via Tapatalk that is a temporary issue. And not a huge loss to get a reprieve from the non-stop off topic Water Cooler posts bombarding the search and RSS...
No it's up to you to test before installing beta software. Everywhere but here works.
Still working on restoring access to Tapatalk/WindowsForum mobile app. In the mean time new bug fixes and some features have been introduced in the latest version of the forum software. We are close to a general release (I believe), and when that happens, we should see mainstream support restored.