Windows 11 Taskbar keeps moving?

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Feb 4, 2022
I'm having strange behavior with my taskbar.

On my simulator I currently use 4 monitors, 3 identical 22" monitors set up as a 5760x1080, and a 40" TV 1920x1080.

On the TV the taskbar is centralised, but on the three linked computers, it keeps hopping from the centre screen to the left-hand side screen in the centre position. very occasionally it pops up to the top of the left-hand screen which then prevents me from accessing its options.
For ease of visual use, I want the taskbar centralised on the centre screen, it sometimes does this but after a few minutes, it returns back to the left screen. At the moment the taskbar only appears on the left screen, and not right across as it did before. (see photos).

I have tried all the settings I can find, but cannot seem to make it stay put on the middle screen and the taskbar display right across all 3.

Any ideas on how to fix? or is this a bug?


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