Taskbar Live Preview Inconsistent??

For several applications the taskbar live preview will stop working. instead of a preview of the window, the icon of the application will appear.

if i maximize said window, the preview will be fixed but it will eventually revert back to the icon.

any ideas of how to fix this?


here's a picture illustrating what I mean


Open new excel windows from the start menu, NOT from File > New. That's it. Just a small peculiarity of MS Office. :)

Thanks, but that's not it. it's not just with office, it's with almost all applications. It does it with windows folders, even the windows calculator. the live preview eventually gets replaced with just an icon of the application, until I restore that window, and then it shows the live preview again.

I went under appearance and clicked "save taskbar thumbnail previews"

it appears to have fixed the problem?? but does anyone know exactly what this option does?

Then make sure your calculator is not minimized, this is the MS DWM small peculiarity too. :)

ah, ya, I did some more research and apparently after a certain amount of time of being minimized (maybe) the live preview thumbnail is discarded because it is outdated and replaced by just an icon of the application. then, once you restore the application it is refreshed. I'd rather have an outdated thumbnail than have the icon, though.

The option "save taskbar thumbnail previews" seems to keep the thumbnail, even if its outdated. i'm not sure if this option affects performacne much though, I couldn't find much about it on the internet


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