Windows 7 Taskbar - Stacked to Thumbnails (Open Programs)


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Jan 11, 2009
This should be an easy fix but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the open taskbar programs from the "stacked" style to the "thumbnail" style. For example, I have open 3 different webpages and when I hover over the IE icon, I'd like to see the 3 different thumbnails rather than 3 stacked text boxes (in black) above each other.

I know this one is going to be an easy fix so please be gentle on me. :redface:


All sorted, essentially my video card doesn't support Aero effects. :(
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Hi Laurie

Since no one has provided an answer, I'll give it a shot.

First, I don't know what you mean by "thumbnail" view. And if your boxes are black, that's probably due to your video card.

Finally, if you're opening 3 instances of Internet Explorer, I'd suggest you use the New Tab feature and all sites are displayed on the Internet explorer need to have a preview, simply click on the site you want to view.

It was the video card in the end. When I went into Device Manager I noticed that the video driver was just a generic one. I had to go and find the correct driver and uninstall the generic one. I then had to Rate my Computer's Performance and all was fixed.

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