Temporary profile persisting Problem


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Hi folks ,

well it has been a while :D ,, hope everyone is ok !! ..

well i have 2 users on my Pc laptop , one is administrator with password ( for me) and the other is Guest ( for guests ) ...

now ; usually the one who is using the guest profile can't access my data unless he has the password , but i once log on using the guest prof then i wanted to access some files from the other session so i wrote down the pass and done the work but after tht everytime someone log on with guest profile he can access my own data !

so what i did is ; i logged with guest > went to C > users > My administrator profile , then right click , then share with > nobody ....

I switched the user into my administrator profile then suddenly it blocked and all i saw was recycle bin :frown: , i restarted the pc , logged on once again to administrator profile and i got this " you have been logged on with a temporary profile ...."

i restarded many times , again and again ... but nothing i lost all my data ...:(

plz anyone knows how i can get my full profile back cuz i still can access them from the guest but it's way to tiring ( c> users ...) plus i wont my favorite and browsers back and other progs and and .... pllllllllllz can anyone help