The cost of SSD

Has the costs of SSD gone up? I bought one last year, 100gb or so £35, when I went to buy one in April I spent he same amount of money but was totoally surprised to see it arrive as a 30GB drive. I double checked what I had bought and it turned out I had indeed ordered a 30GB SSD, upon looking aound I found others of the same price or higher. Why has it gon up so much? I checked Amazon and eBay.


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Are new HDD now faster then?
the old days started with 2.5-inch drives because that is what most people had in their systems and SSD just replaced that spinning rust... if you open one of those 1st drives they are mostly spare space​
then we moved to M2 [which looks like Ram sticks] and that allowed laptops to be redesigned but was really the phone | tablet market which pushed the makers down this path​
the current standard is NVMe which needed special boards to be bootable and blurs the line between Harddrive and Ram {one was storage and the other fast access}... the next generation of Ram will blur this line more​

to get back on topic; your laptop is old and parts for it are no longer being made in massive numbers so the price of that hardware will level out as parts become harder to get


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NVMe is interface protcol for SSDs that use PCIe interfaces. These are much faster than an older SSD with a SATA interface