The Difference between Win.7 Pro and Win.10 Pro

I have a HP dc 6000 SFF with Windows 7 Pro, and would like to go to Windows 10 pro. What is the difference between the two...if any. Also, will the computer upgrade to Windows 10 Pro as Windows 10 Home I have done on my other computer?


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There are a lot differences between Windows 7 and 10 including a completely new kernel. The main differences between Home and Pro are described in the line holdum linked.

Thanks for the replies on the subject, but, I failed to make it clear what my question was about. I have a PC with Windows 7 Professional, and another PC that had Windows 7 Home, which I have upgraded to Windows 10 Home. So, here is the question I need answered. If and I should upgrade the PC with Windows 7 Pro, would Microsoft upgrade me to Windows 10 Professional on the PC? I don't want two PC's with Windows 10 Home.


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Windows 7 Pro upgraded to Windows 10 Pro have equivalent features.


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Windows versions will tend to want to upgrade from same Windows version and type to same on the newer OS. In other words, if you attempt an online upgrade to W10 on the computer that now has Win7 Pro on it (assuming it's a legit license and gives the GWV icon in your details screen as Activated), your only upgrade choice for that computer is Win10 Pro. If you attempt to downgrade it to any different version of Win10, you will lose that license, and have to repurchase a new Win10 license for the downgraded Win10; for example if you wanted to go from Win7 Pro to Win10 Home; you will have to cough up $100 after July; or vice-versa. Or if you wanted to upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 Business; it's the same deal, except that upgrade could cost you from $300-$1,200. This is the same way Windows upgrades have worked for years and years going all the way back to Win3x.

The real issue many of us are waiting to see is that in the case of a same-to-same Windows version upgrade; for example the first upgrade you did on a machine with Win7 Home on it to Win10 Home. After July 29th, you may need to PURCHASE that upgraded license to keep it activated after the 1 year trial period is over. That would cost you $100 via Credit Card online. This may be true with all other versions of W10 as well, with the possible exception of certain Business and Enterprise licenses with an Academic, Government, or Volume Site Licensing configuration. All the rest mentioned, will cost in excess of the $100 for W10 Home, as it's the cheapest. There has been lots going around with on this forum and others including the Microsoft Insider Testing Hub. No one knows for sure, and even if we do get a straight answer from them, no one will know if legit upgraders are going to have to pay to continue using W10 on each computer they installed it on. I currently have it on 5 machines; only one of them with a legit Win7x/8x license. I expect to have to purchase licenses for 4 of them certainly, but the 5th one I won't know for sure about until July 30th when I try to logon to the Internet....

Hope that proves helpful. This may help you to realize you may have as much as an additional $300 in costs to keep those 2 machines you have (or will have) upgraded to W10 running after July 29th.o_O Food for thought.


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