The entire Foo Fighters set from The Late Show

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    Foo Fighters performed a two-hour set of old and new material exclusively for the Live On Letterman internet-only webcast. Dressed in full Beatles regalia, the group paid tribute to the Fab Four who made it all possible by breaking through on the same stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater back in 1964. The new album, Wasting Light, is out now.

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    This band has gotten a lot of us through hard times! It was good to see them come back with a great album. For those who don't know, most bands use ProTools and computers to auto-tune vocals and fix recording errors. In the case of the Foo's on this album, they brought in Nirvana Nevermind record producer Butch Vig and recorded the album 'Wasting Light' entirely on analog tape. Pat Smear (touring guitarist from Nirvana) is also back in the band and they sound better than they have in a long time. Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic makes a guest appearance on the track "I Should Have Known". Nice find reg.

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