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Hi as many of you might know the popular anti cheat software included with many games such as Rappelz a popular mmo does not appear to work with Windows 7 and wont start. I was wondering if anyone is aware of this issue and possibily working on a workaround before the actual official fix comes from GameGuard which probably wont be until Win 7 is officially released.

Feel free to share any and all information regarding to this subject here maybe working together we can find a solution.
The Fix

Just go to the folder in your game's install location and replace the current "gameguard.des" file and then your game should work.
I've fixed FlyFF and WolfTeam
It should work for everything since it is an official game guard file that the game developers just haven't bothered to put in your games.


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Re: The Fix

It's not working.. i replaced the gameguard file as you said but the game still doesn't start :( i want to play Psu Aoti which i need Gameguard for... could you help me? i just bought a new pc with windows 7 64 bit.. and i have no clue >_<