The state of Windows 8

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    The State of Windows 8
    I saw this article re' Windows 8 and thought I'd share....


    Only Microsoft knows how the next version of its Windows operating system will look and what it will be called, but big changes could be ahead for the OS observers refer to as "Windows 8."
    At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will support system-on-a-chip architectures using ARM processors. Unlike the x86 architecture that today's Windows laptops and desktops work with, ARM-based chips tend to run such low-power devices as tablets and smartphones.
    In his CES keynote speech, Microsoft CEO Steve Ball*mer said, "This announcement is really all about enabling a new class of hardware, and new silicon partners for Windows, to bring the widest possible range of form factors to the market."
    In other words, Windows won't be just for laptops and desktops anymore...

    Source: The State of Windows 8 - PCWorld
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    According to WinSuperSite, and quite a few others, Windows 8 will be able to render in multiple GUI formats. For example, it is possible Windows 8 will have a completely different interface for tablets and touch screens. How far this will go, what the resource consumption will be, and how accurate this information is remains unknown. The separate interface is said to resemble Windows Phone 7's block-type interface. In the past, there have been problems porting Windows to tablets and other smart devices due to the interface disparity. Code names for this new technology include "Jupiter" and "Mosh", although exact details seem to be lacking at this time.

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