The Water Cooler- or- "Thar Be Monsters Here!"


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Who knows how deep The Water Cooler is ? How many brave souls have set out on a perilous voyage across the vast expanse of it's waters , many never to be heard of again !
It is not for the faint of heart but only those with steely nerves and eyes fixed on the far horizon .
Cybercore and reghakr are men able to brave the rigors and discipline, imposed by this vast and uncharted area .
Deep within its depths , lie untold riches and creatures, yet to be discovered . We need a good weather eye and a watcher in the crows nest to speed us across .
Instrument can play up and give false readings . Men go insane and start talking in alien tongues !
Yes, The water Cooler is a place of discovery . Only those with a firm conviction can safely navigate it's waters . >-)