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Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Joe S, Feb 14, 2014.

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    It's annoying enough that so many software makers are going to the flat plain look of Windows 8. That is an icon that used to look like a ball now just looks like a dot. Everything seems to be going that direction. The worst is the local radar map they use on the TV Weather channel. The state is white and the precipitation is gray. I guess they tested that at the school for the blind.
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    I think this is how it went down:

    Management: "OMG Bill isn't here anymore and Windows 8 pre-alpha is crashing constantly.. what can we do??"

    MS Intern #1: "Let's just dumb down the graphics like Windows Phone and there's less processing involved and we can dedicate that to system resources instead, thus less crashing..."

    MS Intern #2: "I second that, what a fantastic Idea.. we can give it a catchy name like Metro, what do you think Mr. Nadella?"

    Nadella: "Brilliant, can we make it so people have to sign in with a cloud based Microsoft account so we can track them even when they log into Windows?"

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