Thinking of a use for a desktop PC on my network


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Here is the situation, I have a peer-to-peer home network working great and I found an two year old desktop that I thought was long gone, evidently wasn't. It wasn't working right two years ago, however now I have learned enough about PC repair that I can fix it. One issue remains, once I fix this older desktop what to use it for,I certainly do not need another client on my network, I have enough PCs in my home to dedicate one PC per person in my family. So what to use an older desktop for. Hmmm.


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1. Install Hyper-V on it for a new home server… this is what I did with one of my old systems.

2. Put an Edian firewall on it… more of a business idea because of the power needs.

3. Give it away to someone's granny with a simple game or two installed.

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