Windows 8 This may be why my Live Mail account got blocked!!!


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I posted about my Live Mail account being blocked a few days ago.
I had no idea why, they just said there was unusual activity, no specifics.

Well I just got a strange e-mail.

I received one about a week ago from a friend in Scotland just like this one.

Weight Drop....JPG

Now tonight I received one from my dentist here in Ada Michigan.

Has anyone else seen anything like this.

It indicates that it is an e-mail from some on you know, when you open the message you see the page above.

Now I wait and see if I get another message from Live Mail, I wonder if people are getting messages like this from me?



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Hi Mike,

I know you changed your password from the other post and if I was you, I'd change it again.
Also if you have a Facebook account, I'd change the password for that.

I was getting strange emails and some from myself, it stopped as soon as I changed passwords including Facebook.



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Hi Don

I'll do that, I'm afraid that several people I know must have this on their computers, from Scotland to Michigan.
I'll e-mail them tomorrow and let them know what I'm getting from them.



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My wife just got the same message from our dentist too.
She deleted it before opening it because we had talked about getting it on my computer.

I'll have to tell my dentist that they are sending out malware I'll call them tomorrow.