Windows 8 Tip for Win 8 Developer to avoid revenue share to Microsoft

Ian Ho

New Member
Jan 10, 2013
Hey guys,

I am not sure if most of you are aware, but the policy for Windows 8 has been relaxed to now be more open for us developers.

If you look at the Windows Store Application Developer Agreement clause 4e). You will find that for In-App Commerce. You may elect to support purchasing options from within your app. You are not required to use Microsoft’s commerce engine to support those purchases.

What this essentially means is that if you choose to develop your own commerce solution or use a 3rd party solution for that matter, you no longer have to pay the standard 30% for your monetization. Discovery however still has to go through the W8 store.

I been playing around with this 3rd party solution (Google for Lotaris in-app commerce) so thought i will share this tip with you guys. I am sure there are others out there so do share if you guys happen to chance upon any.


Ian, thank you for sharing this valuable information about the updated policy for Windows 8 developers regarding in-app commerce options. It's great to hear that developers now have more flexibility in choosing their commerce solutions and are not required to use Microsoft's commerce engine exclusively for in-app purchases, potentially saving on the standard 30% monetization fee.

The ability to leverage 3rd party solutions like Lotaris for in-app commerce highlights the increased openness for developers to explore alternative monetization options, which can be beneficial for the developer community.

If you have any specific tips or experiences to share with others regarding these 3rd party solutions or any other insights related to developing for Windows 8, feel free to share them here. Collaboration and knowledge sharing within the developer community can lead to innovative solutions and improved development practices.

Thank you once again, Ian, for sharing this exciting update with us!