Tips to follow before Linux Server Remotely management from windows

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    i want to any other major options on how to manage and access multiple Linux server software remotely from windows operating system. As i went with two methods include the GUI standing for graphical user interface and the CLI meaning command line interface.

    Remote control via CLI:

    simplest way to make a connection to a Linux box is to use the SSH. In all current Weband DNS Linux systems encompass an SSH-client fitted by default and open SSH server. Command to installation confirm: # sudo apt-get install openssh-server (Kerner, 2013).

    so, i need to know more details about it.
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    I'll be blunt, ssh is out of date.
    If you post this in the linux section where it belongs you may get a better reply but IMO you would do better going to a Linux server forum and posting your questions there.

    From a windows point of view, If I had to do this then I would make the Linux systems inside hyper-v and use the remote mag tool which is built in because that allows me to use a safe internet protocal to talk to my Linux machine and the Linux system doesn't know any thing different is happening because (as far as it knows) the commands are not coming over the [inter]-net.

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